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This is the W1BIM Repeater

Freq: 146.97 PL: 114.8
Trustee: Greg Algieri, WA1JXR

Bob Peloquin, KB1VUA (President)
Art Kass, WA1RCQ
(Vice President)
Jim Singer, N1EKO (Treasurer)
Don Carlton, W3DEC (Secretary)
Lyn Glagowski, WB1CCL

Board of Directors
Harold Carlson, N1ZC
Randy Dore, W4FEB
Terry Glagowski, W1TR
Dick Jubinville, W1REJ
Johnathan Sherman, WW2JS
Adrian Zeffer, AB2IX

CMARA History

ARRL Needs You to Help With A Final Push for the Amateur Radio Parity Act in this Congress

Recently members of the ARRL, past & present, received an URGENT request. This act is vital to our hobby and we urge you to please consider responding to this email.

Club Notices

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Thank You for visiting our Web site

CMARA welcomes all Amateur Radio hobbyists in the area. We have a great group of dedicated members who are very friendly and always ready to help a new ham get started. If you are interested in HAM radio, please Contact Us or visit our become a ham page for information about getting started.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.
Hope to see you there!